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Make a Difference

One Tree at a time!

You can help us make your community greener by planting a tree. Every individual contribution makes an impact.
While a livable city should contain 25% greenery, Dhaka barely has 5%. Let's work to change that.

We live by taking in Oxygen for free from plants around us. It takes 8 trees, on average, to replenish all your Oxygen for a year.

Ahsan Rony

Founder, Green Savers

We make it simple for you to plant a tree near you.
Just BDT 150 plants one tree.


After we collect sponsorship, our team visits your area and conducts tree surveys


The site is prepared and the trees are transported and planted by hand


Once your trees are planted, you will be notified of its location and species


We will continue to monitor the trees and maintain them as needed

Ready to start?
Plant a Tree
We are Green Savers. Find out what we do
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