Since our start in 2010, we have worked with over 200 schools, 5000+ homes and over 30 local and international organizations to fight climate change and create a greener urban ecosystem.

Sailor-Green Savers Plant for Planet

In a joint initiative with Sailor by Epyllion, we teach students to plant and nurture gardens in their own school.

Tree Hospital

We provide treatment for plants from Plant Doctors. Our mobile Hospital travels around the city.

Oxygen Bank

Students in schools with an Oxygen Bank take care of trees in their premises by donating a small amount each day.


We are on a mission to plant a Trillion trees all over the planet.

Urban Lab Garden

We create Lab Gardens in urban and semi-urban schools, where students use different methods of planting to plant and nurture trees.

Plant's Doctor Mobile App

Installed over 5,000 times, our mobile app provides free advice for anyone facing problems with plants in his/her garden.

Tree Wedding

The tree wedding brought strangers together to exchange plants through a "marriage ceremony"!