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Tree Hospital
A well equipped urban gardening team for Landscaping & Roof Garden setup, installation and decoration travels around the town and cures plants.

A pick-up van with a stall-like structure fashioned in the back stands before a signboard which reads: “Plant illness! Come to the Mobile Plant Hospital”. Inside the stall, sit two men wearing white coats just like doctors do. Meet the doctors for your plants. Recently, a “mobile tree hospital” has been going around the city providing free care for plants. The care includes medicines and treatment, along with the needed love. The service goes door to door providing plants with the care they need. The initiative was taken by Green Savers Association, assisted by Dhaka North City Corporation and Square Pharmaceuticals. The doctors are available from 10:00am till 5:00pm. The stall also includes fun quizzes for young children, all going towards them being educated for a greener future!

Since 2013, this initiative aims to raise awareness on urban farming , technical support and prescription at the door step of the garden owner. The Mobile Tree Hospital travels various key locations in the city to spread awareness, give out free plant care and free saplings, nutrients to anyone who visits.

Navy map drop with waterline

Locations visited by the Tree Hospital


Trees were treated for free

Team Building

People visited the Hospital for treatment or awareness

We work with volunteers, businesses and non-profit organizations around the country. See if you want to help
See some amazing moments from this program
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