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Sailor-Green Savers Plant for Planet
Students in schools transform old plastic drums to tree containers by painting, planting and decorating their school garden

"Plant for Planet" is a project, where, in partnership with the clothing brand Sailor by Epyllion, we recycle old plastic drums ​and teach student how to care for the environment.

This initiative aims to involve students in plantation and nature conservation through painting and planting saplings with reusing waste drums. Taking the idea of “Planting>Painting>Recycling”, the students show great enthusiasm and showcased much creativity while decorating the containers.

Students first paint their dream of a future Green Dhaka on that waste dram. then they write their name, class and class roll on that dram so that they can own the tree that they plant with their own hand on that dram. in this process they create a guardianship on their plants and further they take all the responsibility of the maintenance of their own plants as=t school.


schools participated


students were involved in the events


trees planted in recycled plastic drums

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