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Ahsan Rony, Founder, Green Savers awarded the National Environment Award 2023

We, the Green Savers family, are extremely delighted to announce that our leader, Mr. Ahsan Rony, has been awarded the National Environment Award 2023 for his significant contributions to promoting and spreading environmental education. Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina presented the award to him on World Environment Day, June 05, 2024 .

Mr. Ahsan Rony is the founder of the Green Savers association, established in 2010 in Dhaka. He has contributed to the creation of more than 1,200 rooftop gardens, spreading more greenery throughout the city. Over the past 14 years, with his support, 22 districts6,640 cottage fronts, and 270 school compounds have planted 500,000 trees. In schools, he has inspired students to plant more trees and has established 180 Oxygen Banks in various schools and colleges. Additionally, he has created 130 Green Clubs all over the country.

We are proud of him. We wish him prosperity and more success in the future.

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