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Join us in the Global Climate Strike 2019

Our Planet is on fire - it's time to act like it and make a stand.

What is the Global Climate Strike?

Our Planet is dying, and it is high time that we step up. Millions will take part in global climate strikes on the 20th to 27th September, and the “Week for Future” in between. It is on course to be the largest global mobilization against climate breakdown, with over 6000 people in 150 countries pledging to organize events to date.

Who is involved?

In solidarity, Save the Children in Bangladesh along with Green Savers in Bangladesh are supporting children and youth networks to arrange climate strike. This event aims to spread the word of young people to local and global leaders for taking climate action and ask adults to step up alongside them. A rally and discussion will be organised by children and youth to express their voice to media and the leaders to prevent climate change by taking proper and immediate actions. National Children’s Task Force (NCTF), Rover Scout and Girls Guide will lead and manage the strike on behalf of children and youth.

Sign Up:

Sign up here and show up on the day and time, to be a part of the event:

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