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Our Founder, Ahsan Rony, wins the Joy Bangla Youth Award

Ahsan Rony, founder of Green Savers, wins the Joy Bangla Youth Award 2015. This recognition was due to the contribution to the environment through our roof gardening initiative.

After the ceremony, Ahsan Rony says to the press, “our freedom fighters gave us the freedom our country now enjoys. The current generation is the one that needs to work for the betterment of the country. I really think we are the one's who are responsible for making our country's name shine. Green Savers aspires to build a greener capital city by implementing our projects such as the one's that promote urban agriculture, among others. Attaining the Joy Bangla Award has increased our acceptance among the youth. It creates a sort of motivation that inherently influences others to involve themselves with Green Savers. This achievement has definitely fueled up our entire initiative.”

See news coverage by Somoy TV:

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